Why is ‘Mentalist’ moving to Sundays?

Oct 13 2012 - 11:17pm


Simon Baker stars in “The Mentalist.”
Simon Baker stars in “The Mentalist.”

Q: I am a "Mentalist" fan and am wondering why it is moving to Sunday night. Its ratings are usually very good and it seems that putting it on a football night is like giving it the kiss of death. Sunday is usually a busy night with family and friends and we don't watch much TV that night unless it is football.

A: "The Mentalist" is entering its fifth season, a time when a network might want to try something new in its old, valuable Thursday time slot, which is probably why CBS moved "The Mentalist" to Sunday and slotted newcomer "Elementary" for 9 p.m. Thursday. "The Mentalist" is not exactly a buzzy show and CBS execs are probably betting "Elementary" can create more excitement.

Q: We have been watching "Hell on Wheels" via On Demand and had hoped to see the new "Into the West" series that way as well. Do you know if "West" will be available?

A: "Into the West" is a rerun -- it debuted in 2005 on TNT -- and AMC doesn't have the digital rights to make the miniseries available via On Demand. The program has been released on DVD.

Q: When does "The Glades" return?

A: A&E renewed "The Glades" for a fourth season. It's likely to air new episodes again next summer.

Q: Is "Brad Meltzer's Decoded" coming back for a third season? If so, do you happen to know when it will start?

A: Doesn't look like it will be back for a third season, but a two-hour special will air at the end of this year. No airdate has been announced.

Q: What's the latest with the contracts of the major players on "NCIS"? I was concerned when I saw Michael Weatherly guesting on "Major Crimes" since it's on a different network. Is he coming back to "NCIS"? What about Cote de Pablo and Sean Murray?

A: They're all back. Actors often negotiate deals to guest star on other programs during their hiatus, which is likely what Weatherly did.

Q: I was wondering if and when "Southland" is coming back. I think it's a great show.

A: I agree! "Southland" will be back in early 2013, but a premiere date has not been announced.

Q: Could you tell me if the new series "Common Law" will return?

A: We reported recently that the odds looked to be 50-50 that it will be, and a more recent report suggests it probably will not be renewed.

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