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Oct 19 2012 - 7:47pm


Nationally, all eyes are on the presidential election as incumbent Barack Obama and challenger Mitt Romney battle neck and neck to the November general election.

But in Layton, many residents are concerned about a proposed major development on the west side of town and whether it will be an economic boon or create unmanageable congestion and sprawl.

In another Top of Utah area, some residents are concerned or encouraged about the direction of Ogden School District. And in the 1st Congressional District, voters wonder who will best represent their interests -- Republican incumbent Rob Bishop or Democratic challenger Donna McAleer?

In the last presidential debate, moderator Candy Crowley mentioned that many of the questions submitted by undecided voters for the town hall-style event dealt with state issues, better suited for gubernatorial or local races.

And that's where we come in.

Next week, the Standard-Examiner will begin publishing stories focusing entirely on local races and issues, including ballot questions, Utah Senate and House races, county commission contests and school board races.

We will also have stories examining the statewide races for governor, U.S. Senate and attorney general, as well as the Bishop-McAleer race and the 2nd Congressional District contest between Democrat Jay Seegmiller and Republican Chris Stewart.

In redistricting, a part of Davis County was included in the 2nd Congressional District, making it a local race for us.

All in all, more than 30 election advances and coverage stories are planned between now and Election Day. Every major candidate in each race was contacted by one of the 17 reporters and correspondents covering the stories.

We will kick off the massive coverage Thursday with a special section of Davis Plus and Weber Plus that will include many of the local election stories. We will have continuing coverage in the days following.

The Standard-Examiner's Editorial Board also plans to make endorsements in the governor's race between incumbent Gary Herbert and challenger Peter Cooke; the U.S. Senate contest between Republican incumbent Orrin Hatch and Scott Howell; and the 1st Congressional District race between Bishop and McAleer.

The board conducted face-to-face interviews with all the candidates. We decided to limit the endorsements to these races because of time constraints. The Standard-Examiner does not make endorsements in presidential elections.

Legendary U.S. Speaker of the House Tip O'Neill once said, "All politics is local."

He meant politicians on a national level need to understand what voters want on a personal level.

For voters, that means if you really want to have a voice, you need to start with the local elections.

Andy Howell is executive editor. He can be reached at 801-625-4210 or ahowell@standard.net.

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