Candidates should not mention religious affiliation

Tuesday , March 18, 2014 - 3:53 PM

Teri Harrison


The Democratic candidates, Salt Lake County mayor, Ben McAdams, Peter Cooke, governor, and Scott Howell, senator, have unfortunately, managed to drag their religious affiliation into their campaigns. All three gentlemen belong to the LDS Church.

Ben McAdams mentioned he "teaches Sunday School" in his campaign commercial. Peter Cooke vowed to keep marriage between a man and a woman exclusively because of the LDS Church’s rather vocal opposition to gay marriage. Scott Howell used quotes from the Doctrine and Covenants to prove he is a good Democrat during his interview on NPR.

Religious affiliation is a personal matter that should not be use to pander for votes. I am continually disappointed in the local news outlets constantly mentioning the religious affiliation of all candidates. Religion does not belong in government.

Teri Harrison

Salt Lake City

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