School board positions about kids, not politics

Tuesday , March 18, 2014 - 3:51 PM

Richard M. Heath


Something disturbing has surfaced in the Davis County School Board races in Precincts 1, 2, and 4. Members of the Davis County Republican Party leadership and one member of the Utah State Republican Party Central Committee are attempting to partisanize these non-partisan elections. The framers of our State Constitution had a good reason for school board positions to be non-partisan: political ideologies are not always pertinent to serving our school children. Why ignore principles of our State Constitution to get certain candidates elected? The following tactics have been employed:

1) Sponsoring meet-the-candidates events to showcase favored candidates.

2) Sending a survey based on the County Republican Platform to the candidates

to check compliance, posted on the party website. Candidates were not endorsed per say, but still an endorsement is implied. Note that two of the candidates refused to participate and one submitted a disclaimer to reaffirm non-partisanship. Election officials were alerted to this issue.

What if a Democrat was running, or if some of the candidates were not "Republican" enough?

3) A Davis County Republican legislative chair used party communication structure to endorse one of the candidates to their precinct chairmen.

Shame on the Davis County Republican Party leadership. Even Tea Party philosophy adamantly upholds constitutional principles. Why tread on the Utah State Constitution in such a blatant way? Thomas Wright, where are you when we need you? To Davis County voters in these school board precincts: Is the school board about ideologies, or is it about your kids?

Richard M. Heath


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