Layton residents are being forced into 'Village'

Oct 26 2012 - 5:33pm


The writer of the Oct. 21 letter, "Owners can do what they want with property," accused petition gatherers of spreading false information and indicated he was "lied to twice" by being told "this is between keeping farm land and getting high-density housing."

It's important to understand that the property was a fully-functioning welfare farm when the petition process started and still is for that matter. The property was not sold, nor was it listed as being for sale at that time.

It wasn't until the petition process was over that the landowner released the information saying the property would be sold regardless of the voting outcome. Were these signature gatherers supposed to have some kind of sixth sense and be able to read the future? The letter writer holds his opposition to a very high standard.

Bill Wright, the community and economic development director, stated that the future developer could include as many as 800-plus apartments in this project.

The combination of these two facts, at that time, led to the conclusion for some that the issue was between "keeping farm land and high density housing." The petitioners did not lie, but were simply stating the facts that were available at that time.

The letter writer is right though, this is a decision between whether the land should be developed under the traditional codes or this new, urban code; that has always been the issue and that has always been the fight!

Proposition 2 challenges the new zone that was created and Proposition 3 challenges adding that new zone to the general plan. The question we each have to ask ourselves is, do we want to "urbanize" our city or not? It's that simple. That what we are voting on! We as citizens of Layton are finally in a position where we don't have to be forced into something we don't want!

Heartfelt thanks goes to those who gathered signatures and made it possible for us, as citizens, to have a say in this pivotal matter!

Please stand up and be heard! Vote against Propositions 2 and 3!

Beverly Call


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