Reader wonders about S.S., Medicare, current president

Oct 29 2012 - 5:30pm


I am neither Democrat nor Republican, I look at the person who is running for office. I have read and looked at issues concerning me as a United States citizen (legal). Thankfully, I was able to be a stay-at-home mom, working part-time when my children were in school. So, my Social Security is very small. This year my medical deductions will go from $100 to $150, then projected to be $240. That will leave me $200. Do I buy meds, pay bills or buy food?

I need some answers, please tell me why we need a new health system? Why should we take billions out of Medicare and put it into something else? Also, if it is so good for me then it is good enough for our congressmen and the president. Why are we giving lots of money and arms to the Muslim countries or any other country that hate us? Why are we cutting military spending? Defense contractors will loose thousands of jobs, along with all the other military jobs that will so be lost.

So many jobs are going out of our country, so much for unemployment. Is this putting our people who want jobs back to work? Or, is this a way for our government to control the people? We really need to take a good look at the current president and his policies. There are way too many secrets, orders and policies that will go into to effect if he is re-elected. Like I said, check it out.

And by the way, do we really need a physical fitness trainer or the dead beat staff in the white house? I want a government that is for all the people, not one who makes promises, just for a vote, that will never be kept. Please tell we why I should vote for the current government?

We do need a change, we do need to move forward not backward, so someone please answer my questions. I am prepared for you. I think I will vote with Billy Graham, who said, vote for those who defend our freedoms.

Carol Harris



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