The 'Whisper Game' hurts political discourse

Oct 30 2012 - 3:35pm


Do you remember the "Whisper Game" you played as a child? Where an instructor would form a group of 20 children into a single file and then whisper a message into the ear of the first child, who then, continuing the whispering, would share it with the second, who then would softly speak into the ear of the third and so on until the end.

Once the 20th child received the message, it never contained the original words that were whispered to the first. It became so distorted that what was said to the first was vastly different, once the end of the line heard it.

As mayor of Layton city, I have grown tired of the deceit and misinformation that has disseminated concerning propositions 2 and 3, which has brought a divisive clamor among the residents.

Through an open voting system, it is the privilege of a free society to be guaranteed the inalienable right of voting it's conscience concerning issues that will affect it.

An honest, ethical and committed stewardship of what the nation's founding fathers established is undeniably justified.

Political spin seems to be a time-honored tradition in American politics, and it is the type of discourse that will likely continue. Unfortunately, some political movements feel a need to go far beyond that. Spin campaigns that distort and deceitfully misinform while vying for the people's trust are never acceptable and at the end, it's generally seen for what it is.

The government closest to the people is the governing body that serves them. That is why, day to day and dollar for dollar, I'd put my money on my local government to be the most responsive, most efficient and most likely to have my interest at heart.

Exercising the right to be heard by voting in the upcoming elections is fundamental. It needs to be done with a complete and honest understanding of the issues and a total awareness of the campaigns.

Elimination of that which distorts and deceitfully misinforms to gain your vote will provide a government that meets the high expectations of integrity.

Steve Curtis


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