One-party domination destroys checks and balances

Tuesday , March 18, 2014 - 4:11 PM

Clifford Tornow


There is a problem in Utah that can only be resolved at the voting booth. There is a super majority of the Republicans over the Democrats. The Utah State Legislature is too heavily populated with Republican legislators and that is a super majority.

There aren’t any real checks and balances with a legislature that is so vastly leaning to one party over the other. There is nothing really wrong with being Democrat or Republican, other than the one-sided legislature that can do all the real legislation behind closed doors and cover it up with false reports to the public about transparency.

When you go to the voting booth, think about, maybe, electing a new person for the office and maybe from the other party to bring about more parity between the parties. The balance of power is too one-sided and stops the real debates that produce good legislation. The members of the Legislature may say that they really debate the pros and cons of the bills that are put before them but, if they are all members of one party, they will cater to that party when the real crunch comes. We need a better balance of power in the legislature.

Clifford Tornow


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