Our View: Flier defines dirty politics

Tuesday , March 18, 2014 - 4:07 PM

Editorial Board

The flier produced by opponents of two land propositions in Layton and placed on thousands of doorsteps in that city is the worst kind of dirty politics. It falsely creates the appearance that it is an "updated" city-approved voter information guide, deliberately copying a neutral voter guide already delivered to Layton residents.

This newspaper has not taken an editorial board position on the Layton propositions. However, the faux voter guide is a despicable practice that deeply disrespects Layton residents. The flier is exact in size and font. Where the city logo should be, the word "UPDATED" is placed. It’s simply shameless. The creators of the flier deserve to face political consequences for the fraud.

The principal function of journalism, as well as other responsible communication, is that you do not deliberately deceive the readers, those who you are trying to inform or persuade. Such honesty is a requirement for communicators to have ethics. The Layton flier against the propositions was done with an intention of fooling the voting public into thinking they were reading an unbiased assessment of the issues.

Propositions 2 and 3 deal with the approval and implementation of zoning ordinances that would create a mixed-use village concept development on more than 100 acres of farmland.

There were strong arguments for and against the propositions, and the debate over the issue has been passionate.

We have published columns taking both sides and we have published many letters, for and against. It’s been a healthy campaign that unfortunately was contaminated by the dirty politics of the deceptive flier.

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