Some Layton single mothers get no help from dads

Nov 8 2012 - 4:09pm



For almost twenty years I've lived at Stonehedge Apartments in Layton, government subsidized apartments. For years, I've been hearing stories from the Layton locals about how horrible and dreadful the tenants who live in these apartments are. It went so far that a bishop got up in Sacrament Meeting one Sunday, condemning the single mothers who live in these apartments. Nothing was said about the husbands, fathers, brothers, sons or any male members who might or might not live there and are the ones more than likely responsible for the single mothers' living there in the first place. Now, let me ask what the locals of Layton are doing besides driving through the property just to see who's doing what? They could easily be mistaken for drug dealers, Every year around Christmas time they are discarding their Christmas waste in one of the many dumpsters on the property and for about a week the tenants who live there are unable to use any of them for they are full to the rim to the point that they are over flowing and an ugly mess is left for the tenants to deal with, but then I guess it's Okay for the Layton locals to talk about how horrible the Stonehedge tenants are.

Charlene Heckert


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