Mitt Triumphed in many ways

Nov 13 2012 - 6:03pm


We all know triumphs happen. With tears in his eyes, Republican presidential candidate and former Massachusetts governor, Mitt Romney does indeed have his triumphs in his campaign to run for president of the United States.

People in our nation were on their knees praying for their candidate to win the presidential election. Yes, we think there can only be one winner, but let's just look at what makes a winner.

Some of us think everyone should win, and in Mitt Romney's case, he clearly triumphed. He stood up to help get America back on the right path. He has shown the world how our democracy works, and what it takes to reach across the isle to engage in difficult situations, and what we the American people want.

As other nations watch how our system runs, they too, will have the opportunities and freedoms that America is endowed with.

The world knows that the United States of America is a God-fearing nation, and we will fight for our right, and others' rights to be free as well.

Carolyn Dee Morrison

Mountain Green

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