Procedures will be in place for future memorials

Nov 13 2012 - 4:29pm


A recent "Our View" in the Standard made it sound like Uintah City and Mayor Bybee are heartless and uncaring due to the handling of a roadside memorial (Nov. 9, "Memorial needed communication"). Jayden Rathbone was hit Halloween night, 2011, on 6600 South in Uintah and later passed away. Uintah residents and the family were devastated. Later the family moved from Uintah.

At Halloween 2012, a memorial was erected on a new part of 6600 South. Immediately, Mayor Bybee received calls from residents complaining. Fortunately all mayors are given extensive training before becoming mayor, especially in all aspects of roadside memorials.

The Stanard received calls from family members and wrote the article that appeared on the front page Nov. 5, 2012 stating "Uintah city officials say memorial distracts drivers, removed."

What should someone do? Was the intention for this to be permanent or just on Halloween? Mayor Bybee did the best she could do. She had no phone number for the family and no way to contact them. She left the memorial until the next day in spite of the negative calls. Not hearing from the family, she had the memorial taken down but not destroyed as reported.

The "Our View," it was suggested that "more communication was needed." That is easy to say with 20/20 hindsight! I am sure that Uintah city will do the best thing possible for Jayden's memorial and there will be procedures in place in Uintah for all to see concerning memorials of all kinds!

Don E. Pearson



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