Medical examiner: Ogden shooting victim killed himself

Tuesday , March 18, 2014 - 4:14 PM

Tim Gurrister

OGDEN — The man who exchanged gunfire with police in his home Sunday morning died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

Aaron Matthew Collier, 35, was found dead shortly after the standoff with officers in the residence at 180 4th St.

The cause of death was released Wednesday as part of the preliminary autopsy results of the state Medical Examiner.

Weber County Attorney Dee Smith declined in an interview later Wednesday to provide any further details, beyond confirming that there were two officers in the home who exchanged shots with Collier.

His office heads an officer-involved shooting task force of detectives from police agencies in the county that investigates all such shootings for any criminal implications.

Smith said most of the interviews have been completed and he will issue his findings likely after the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. His legal review can begin once all the tape-recorded interviews have been transcribed, he said.

The two officers are on administrative leave, pending completion of the investigations, which include a departmental policy review by the police department. Their names have not been released.

Events began at 2:23 a.m. Sunday after police dispatch received a 911 call from Stacee Chivers, Collier’s girlfriend, requesting assistance because of a domestic violence incident at the home.

Officers who responded to the call were invited inside upon their arrival, according to the news release issued Wednesday by Smith’s office.

“Neither officer had their gun drawn,” the statement reads. “While the officers were still inside the residence, a handgun appeared from around a door and began firing at them.

“A total of seven shots were fired by Aaron Collier at the officers. The officers returned fire and then evacuated the residence.”

Collier was struck once in the leg by a shot from the officers. That wound did not cause his death, according to the statement.

“Mr. Collier barricaded himself inside the residence and refused to come out. He communicated by text message with at least one friend while he was barricaded inside the residence. Officers eventually made entry into the residence and Mr. Collier was found inside deceased.”

The officers who entered the home a second time to discover the body were members of the Ogden-Metro SWAT team, according to an earlier Ogden police news release. They went into the home after efforts by SWAT negotiators with Collier ceased.

Chivers, in an interview Tuesday night when she allowed a media tour of her shot-up home, said she called 911 with Collier’s cellphone after he smashed hers against a wall.

She, Collier and friends were lounging in their living room after a night of visiting bars when Collier became irate during a discussion of President Obama’s re-election victory, which he had opposed.

He broke Chivers’ phone and became quarrelsome, fighting with their guests, after she suggested he was drunk and should go to bed, Chivers said.

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