USU looking for exotic fish in Flaming Gorge

Nov 14 2012 - 10:30am


Flaming Gorge Reservoir. (Standard-Examiner Photo by Robert Johnson)
Flaming Gorge Reservoir. (Standard-Examiner Photo by Robert Johnson)

GREEN RIVER, Wyo. -- The Wyoming Department of Game and Fish is warning anglers not to disturb any nets they may find in Flaming Gorge Reservoir.


Researchers with Utah State University are working with the game department to conducting a research project on the presence of burbot, an exotic fish species, in Flaming Gorge Reservoir this winter. Burbot were illegally stocked in the Green River drainage in recent years, raising concern that they will harm the trout population.

Craig Amadio is fisheries biologist with the game department in Green River. He says anglers may observe nets in the water until the reservoir freezes. He says the research project could help the game department learn more about how to deal with the burbot population.





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