Utah is a country surrounded by the U.S.

Nov 14 2012 - 6:15pm


Such Irony! There was a time when we couldn't get a Utahn to vote for a Republican. That was because the party of Lincoln was proclaiming that "We must rid ourselves of the twin relics of barbarism--slavery and polygamy."

Resistant Mormons had their arms twisted and were assigned by local bishops to be Republicans to "prove" we had a two-party system out here. 

So, after supposedly renouncing polygamy and creating a bunch of less-than-sincere Republicans, statehood finally followed in 1896.

Now, however, all these years later, a political flip-flop has occurred. It's hard to get a Mormon to support a candidate who isn't Republican. On Nov. 6, while a Democratic president was being returned to the White House, Democrats here were going down in defeat to their Republican opponents by a three-to-one margin (Jim Matheson being the bizarre exception to this phenomenon).

Bloc voting is one of the things that got us into trouble with the U.S. Congress and our fellow countrymen in the first place. Our entrenched Republican-only voting pattern lends reinforcement to a popular joke among us liberals, that Utah is the only country completely surrounded by the United States.

M. Jensen Ogden

North Ogden

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