Police say assailant slugged man, gave baby black eye

Nov 16 2012 - 7:02am


OGDEN -- A man charged in an assault on a young father also caused a black eye on his victim's 9-month-old son, police say.

The father was holding the infant in his arms when Eric Wolfgang Hubbell began swinging at him in a confrontation at the victim's front door, according to charging documents.

The injury to the father and child was reported by hospital officials, the Washington Terrace family initially opting not to talk to police out of fear of retaliation, said Weber County Sheriff's Deputy Cameron Hartman.

"Nurses were concerned about the baby's black eye," he said.

After responding to the hospital, Hartman went to the scene of the crime and arrested Hubbell, 36, after interviewing witnesses there.

Hubbell began throwing punches in the doorway of the man's home, knocking him back into the residence, according to charging documents, then entered the home to continue the assault.

That raised the charges from misdemeanor trespassing to felony burglary in the Oct. 7 incident. Entering a home uninvited with intent to commit assault elevates trespassing to burglary.

The child was injured when blows from Hubbell struck the arm the father was using to shield the child, Hartman said.

Hubbell had a friend standing with him at the victim's door when the confrontation took place.

The second man never entered the home and had left the scene by the time police arrived. Hubbell tried to convince officers the second man had actually committed the assault.

But witnesses said it was Hubbell who threw the punches and entered the house, yelling obscenities, and continuing to strike the man, Hartman said.

Hubbell is a neighbor of the victim and Hartman said the second man was a total stranger to the victim. "I had to ask him why a total stranger would punch his neighbor," the deputy said.

Ironically, Hubbell had questioned the victim's parenting skills regarding the infant in remarks on Facebook, to which the father had replied with an insult on the popular social media site.

"He also told Hubbell to come make his accusations face-to-face," Hartman said, sparking the assault.

According to the state court's website database, Hubbell went to prison in 2009 for a string of thefts and drug charges in South Jordan and Midvale before moving to Washington Terrace.

The arrest on new charges violated the terms of Hubbell's parole, sending him back to the state prison, according to court records.

On Thursday, a preliminary hearing for Hubbell on the charges of burglary and assault was set for Dec. 7 before 2nd District Judge Michael Lyon.

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