City government shouldn't be making business loans

Nov 19 2012 - 2:49pm

Is it the proper role of government to be in collusion with businesses, and for the government to choose winners and losers? To choose who gets sweetened deals and who does not? Who gets a loan and who does not?

At a recent Brigham City meeting, a business went before the Brigham City mayor and council to obtain a business loan and it was granted. What happened to going to a bank? Why is our government taking our tax money and setting it aside to offer business loans? What happened to the free market system where businesses are free to succeed or fail without government involvement? 

The private sector cannot compete with the government sector when the government has unlimited access to the people's money. The city stated this program has been in operation for awhile, but if it is wrong, it is wrong. Socialism has no place in America.

The next concern is our local government trying to expand and grow the government by spending $15 million on the USU extension building to be built where the old K-Mart building was located. We have so many citizens suffering from the economy and creating more debt and a heavier tax burden will not help, but hinder. Student are graduating from college and they can't even find a job. What happen to smaller government and stopping government spending? The last issue of concern is the designing and building of office furniture at the cost of $15,000 for the local government offices. The wood is from the sycamore trees that were cut down on main street. Erickson, Vincent and Thompson granted the spending of money for the designing of the furniture. So you know, if they granted the money for the designing, they will be granting the money for the building of the furniture so that the designing will not have been wasting the taxpayers money.

Instead of spending more money, why don't we sell the wood and use the money to be put towards debt?

DeAnna Hardy

Brigham City


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