Peak performance: local athletic club now offering Peak 10

Tuesday , March 18, 2014 - 4:21 PM

Katie M. Ellis

If you want to participate in the new fitness class Peak 10, you can go to California — or you can go to the Ogden Athletic Club.

Instructor Bitty Beus, the only instructor in Utah certified to teach Peak 10, said the eight-week program is different from any other class she’s taught. It “retrains your metabolism” by building up to 10 heart-rate peaks in one class.

“We start at doable and then build to where they didn’t know they could go,” said Beus. “When we are two or three weeks into it, I ask, ‘How many of you would have quit if we had done that the first day?’ Everyone raises their hand. ... It’s amazing what they’re capable of doing after the program.”

The three-day-a-week hourlong classes alternate between songs for cardio and songs for toning. The cardio songs have a short high-intensity peak and the toning songs use two sets of dumbbells. Class members are encouraged to use heavier weights as they get stronger.

“The class pushes your heart rate to a new level. It kicks your butt and although you go home tired, you have better energy the rest of the day because of the workout,” said Beus.

“In the way the workout runs, there is a method to the madness. The metabolic circuit starts over every five minutes, so it starts low, builds to an incredible heart-rate peak. ... There is a new circuit every five minutes. The least conditioned and the most conditioned are still losing fat after the class is over. This style of exercise and diet conditions the body to lose fat.”

Miranda Bailey of Layton is one of Peak 10’s success stories.

“The workout is fun, there are fun moves and the music is awesome,” she said. “It took me a year to lose 30 pounds, but in this class I lost 6 pounds in four weeks.”


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