Obama defeated his naysayers

Tuesday , March 18, 2014 - 4:21 PM

Kenny Strong

I thought I might respond to " Bud " and " Melissa." Such a dilemma; the reporters on the Fox news, (slanted perspective network) channel described, President Obama, as "worst president ever," each reporter chimed in this way. I was excited. It was obvious that our boy Mitt was going to obliterated this clown in office.

I knew what the future held! "A chicken in every pot," there would be 12 million of us hired every year of Mitt’s presidency. We would all be happy. It was obvious, when, we republicans had congressional leaders, who stated, "I will make sure,that Obama is a one-term president." All was going well! Congress would deny any and all attempts to make any progress. They would say no to everything, even if it were a proposal that was supported in the past!

Utah was the reddest state in the Union. We were set to receive all the gifts and promises that Mitt had to offer; all those 47 percenters had better look out.

Oh my God! What had happened? Mitt had prayed to God as we all know, all of us had also prayed for him! How could Obama have made it to this leadership position again? How could God, and all the voting population have made such an error?

After the election Mitt let it be known! Obama had given more gifts to the darker-skinned people, which got them to vote in such high numbers for this "worst president" in history.

What will we do? Why has Mitt been thrown under the bus? Didn’t he change positions enough times to suit the "Tea baggers?" Why do our fellow Republicans feel that Mitt is not welcome, and that there are no people to support him in the party! What about us, in


Thank you for your support.

Kenny Strong


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