Autism is not a mental illness

Nov 21 2012 - 5:46pm


Recently, I read a small portion of an article in this newspaper about an autistic boy whose mother was unable to continue the treatment from a psychiatrist (Oct. 21, "Desperate Utah parents surrender autistic children").

The article mentioned how autism is a mental illness. But, according to some other printed material, autism is not a mental illness. Repeat, autism is not a mental illness, even if medication is produced for autistic people.

I have a mild case of autism, but I never, repeat, never accepted that I have a case of mental illness, even though I'm fully aware of my own eccentricity. Nor, do I ingest any of the aforementioned medication. I don't plan to receive the service of a psychiatrist anytime soon, even if someone who has authority decides to order me to do so.

Dallon Eugene Nye


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