Obama-despising letter writer is a sore loser

Nov 23 2012 - 2:20pm


This letter is in response to the Nov. 19 letter, "Voters rehired a loser named Obama." Gee, I thought winning an election made a person a winner, not a loser. The real loser is the writer of the letter. A sore loser that it.

I'm sorry that you're pipe-dream Mormon candidate didn't win. I'm sure he still has enough money in the bank to sustain himself for 10 lifetimes, since he really never cared about or related to the middle class, and was unclear about how any of his policies would bring down the national debt and create jobs.

A president is only as good as the Congress he has to work with. Just ask Ronald Reagan. Obama may have added to the deficit, but what other choice does he have? Is he supposed to just pay down the debt while not spending money on anything else? Do you pay down your credit card debt while neglecting your other bills?

If the Republican Party continues to live in a world of "Leave It to Beaver" and "Ozzie & Harriet," it will continue to lose elections. We are living in the 21st century, not the 1950s. The voting demographics of this country are changing dramatically. The Republican Party can't seem to keep up because its archaic ideals are worn out and washed up. I'm happy to report that I voted for President Obama, and I want to congratulate him on a second term.

Steve D. Stones

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