Should we blame the unions for Hostess' mismanagement?

Nov 25 2012 - 4:49pm

It's all over the Internet that while Hostess was trying to cut their bakers' pay by 8 percent and benefits by 32 percent  its CEO got a 300 percent raise, Hostess executives   received 60 percent to over 100 percent raises, and Hostess stopped paying into the employees' pension fund while owing them over $160,000,000.

I know you can't  trust much of what you see on the Internet, but with all of your resources  and news sources, would you please try to confirm those things?  If those  
things are true, why would you blame the 18,000 workers who make fewer than $20 per hour for the fact that Hostess had to close their doors?

Jesse DeHay

South Ogden

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