Reader muses about events

Tuesday , March 18, 2014 - 4:27 PM

Ann Christoferson


Thank you, Ted Turner, for your billion-dollar donation to the causes of the U.N. in 1997. It was pleasing, though it was likely abused in Bosnia and other areas.

Mr. Romney was an ambassador to his own heart. As a senior citizen, I will bestow him a thought to ponder: An Iranian, a doctor of nuclear medicine, came inbound to my home. Oh, I must declare war!

I’m a provisional voter, since I registered twice. For seven months I was registered as "absentee," but three calls asked me to go to caucuses as a Republican. I chose to register simply as "voter." The consequences were no mail for "absentee."

Well, in the 38th parallel, during the Korean era, two powers exchanged politics. America said freedom; Russia said we Americans would choke ourselves in freedoms! Think about it, considering the way we’ve been fleeced.

Ann Christoferson


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