Recovering Box Elder boys recall gas can explosion

Tuesday , March 18, 2014 - 4:33 PM


PERRY — Several Box Elder County boys hurt when a gasoline can they were playing with ignited say they’re raising money and praying for their friend who’s still in the hospital.

Seven-year-old Tayton Winward remains in critical condition at the University Hospital burn center, two weeks after the accident that happened as five boys walked home from school in the town of Perry.

A large fundraiser is scheduled Friday to help Winward and his family.

Ten-year-old Tyler Bergman described a chaotic scene after the explosion. He told the Deseret Newshe helped his friend take off his shoe, which was on fire, and ran to a UPS deliveryman to seek help.

He burned his hands in the process.

Four of the five boys spent time in the hospital after the incident.

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