'Jesus' sign protestors should offer explanation

Tuesday , March 18, 2014 - 4:42 PM

David Willis


As someone who supports the Ogden Municipal Garden (OMG) Cafe and its sign celebrating Christmas, I have a question (Nov. 30, "Cafe owner: Jesus sign to stay, despite protests"). Why hasn’t the mysterious, anonymous person who filed a written complaint been interviewed and asked what it is about Christmas that so offends them?

Christmas Village is a long held tradition in Ogden and similar displays are in cities all over the world. What is so offensive about saying Happy Birthday to anyone, let alone Jesus, during the month the world celebrates his birth? The Christmas (birthday) parties we attend are, after all, gatherings intended to share the Christmas spirit with everyone.

Agnostic and religious people of all religions enjoy this tradition, because it brings good cheer to their lives also.

The paper should ask for and print the response of the person who filed the complaint and ask them what they find so offensive about Christmas.

David Willis


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