'Trailer trash' term offensive

Tuesday , March 18, 2014 - 4:42 PM

Rae Barrows


After reading Mark Saal’s column of Dec. 2, "Farmington light show loaded with calcium and vitamin D, I felt compelled to tell him how very disappointed I am that he, who lives in the prestigious city of Farmington, would use the term, "trailer trash!"

No, I don’t live in a mobile home park, nor do I believe that God makes trash! I believe it is a very offensive term! Shame on him!

Obviously he is very blessed to live where he does. Some folks find themselves in situations that are not of their own making, while others are there because of bad choices. Believe it or not, some actually live there by choice because there is less up-keep and expense.

Who is Saal to judge where another man hangs his hat?

Rae Barrows


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