We'll spend more attempting to get off fiscal cliff

Dec 4 2012 - 4:21pm


Some have the GOP asking the wrong question. To be more accurate, they would be thinking, "What were we thinking when we put the Norquist pledge to the Washington lobbyist as our fiscal duty to the American people?"

Obviously, they were thinking the American people had learned how necessary to themselves, the Taxpayer Protection Pledge was. As it turns out, we will need to hurt much more before we learn that.

Meanwhile, with the electoral support of the weak. frightened-for-their-seats Democratic legislators, the people will continue to vote for higher taxes while we invent still more expensive programs to get us off of our fiscal cliff. Proof? Continue to watch your pocketbooks. Also, watch the new programs and new bond grow as only government can trick us into. There will be no lowering or ending of useless programs, without someone to insist.

Eventually, if we last as a nation, we will stop spending, perhaps through necessity.

Dorothea E. Masur


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