GOP senators use same bromide to justify discrimination

Dec 6 2012 - 6:23pm



In a sickening display of ideology trumping reason and compassion, a majority of the GOP Senate caucus, including Senators Hatch and Lee, voted against a U.N. treaty that would have banned discrimination against disabled individuals (Dec. 5, "Senators, including Utah's Lee, reject international disability treaty"). This treaty was especially needed to protect disabled individuals in countries with fewer safeguards-and rights than our own.

The GOP's reasoning for opposing this treaty was the same-old bromide that the U.N. is going to take away our freedoms. Any reasonable individual would then ask, "Why should we want to keep the right to discriminate against disabled individuals?" The GOP majority in the Senate needs to take their respective heads out of the sand and vote for compassion and human rights when the Senate takes up this treaty again.

Richard Cameron Morgan



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