Mayor Fife should resign

Tuesday , March 18, 2014 - 4:38 PM

Suresh Kulkarni


Dec. 4, 2012, was a very painful day for me when I found out that my good friend and close associate, Mayor Dennis Fife, had admitted to wrongdoing when he was in a leadership position (Dec. 4, "Brigham City mayor confesses to extramarital ‘indiscretion’"). I immediately wrote an email to him that he must resign because he failed the qualities of a good leader. What he did was a complete disappointment to me. I felt violated because I was a passionate supporter of him on many issues with my family members, friends and community members.

My personal email to him spelled out in great detail why he must resign. I hope he takes it seriously. If he does not resign I am afraid our city will be dragged through many issues and it will make the city council and the other administrators jobs very difficult. We do not need it. We have plenty of talent in this community and Mayor Fife is totally dispensable. Remember that when you take your hand out of a bucket of water you don’t leave a hole. Someone is always there to do a better job.

We elect leaders who possess strong moral and ethical backgrounds. Mayor Fife possessed those qualities when he was elected. He has lost his moral compass and must now pay the price.

I plead with the council members to not support Mayor Fife in continuing in the office. We will all be better off. His repentance must occur at his home and in a place of worship, not while holding a public office. We all feel sorry for him and his family and wish them well as they deal with this terrible burden.

Suresh Kulkarni

Brigham City

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