Our View: Jesus sign just fine

Tuesday , March 18, 2014 - 4:38 PM

Editorial Board

We’re pleased to see that a local business owner, despite criticism, is keeping a holiday season sign on her business that reads, "Happy Birthday Jesus." The large red-and-green sign is prominently displayed on the east side of the OMG Cafe in downtown Ogden. The UTA owns the building, and Ogden city owns the underlying property.

Recently, owner Leasa Ray and her business partner were approached by Dan Musgrave, executive director of Downtown Ogden Inc. He mentioned that there had been complaints about the sign, and suggested that it might be wise to remove the sign. According to Ogden Chief Administrative Officer Mark Johnson, Junction City has received a written complaint about the sign.

Ray, however, is sticking with the sign. She has no hard feelings toward Ogden Downtown Inc., but correctly sees complaints about the sign as an over-reaction, and a nod to political correctness.

"I can’t believe people would be complaining about this sign. ... With Christmas Village all set up, you’ve got lots of symbols of Christ around. Just around the corner, you’ve got a Nativity scene set up. People think that’s OK, but not ‘Happy Birthday Jesus.’ It’s ridiculous, and I won’t take (the sign) down," Ray maintains.

Three cheers to those holiday sentiments. And "boo" to those who criticize the OMG Cafe’s decision, although it remains their right to object to the sign. One way to also do that is to simply not patronize any establishment, or recommend said establishment, that exercises a business decision that one disagrees with.

For the record, we’re also fine with the many secular displays of Christmas that find their way into businesses during the holidays. And if a business wants to proclaim the joys of winter solstice, that’s cool too. Only modern-day scolds, or perhaps holiday Scrooges, would object.

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