Stop giving sex offenders so much press

Tuesday , March 18, 2014 - 4:37 PM

Dave Sackolwitz


Enough is enough. Enough with the sex offenders’ taking over the Standard-Examiner (Dec. 6, "Convicted sex offender in trouble in Morgan"). It seems like every day there is someperverted sexual-behavior article. These are is taking over the newspaper.

In my opinion, these people are the lowest dirt-bag human beings in society. I really don’t care to read about them on the main pages of the paper even though some are elected officials, teachers or whoever.

I want to know about the news, but not about sick, Wacados.

The Standard-Examiner does not need this type of news to dominate the paper in attempt (I guess) to attract more potential subscribers.

Listen up, Standard-Examiner: Have some integrity and leave this garbage to the obituary section. Call it the sex offender section of the obituaries

Maybe the paper could consider a weekly supplement section. Call it "New or On-going Sex offenders you need to know about and update status on sex Offenders.

Again, enough is enough.

Dave Sackolwitz

South Weber

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