Conservative should face East, breath deeply

Tuesday , March 18, 2014 - 4:49 PM

Harold Lanier


Here is the other side of the letter of Dec. 6, "Liberals are sore winners." I, and the liberals I know, don’t care how Mr. Romney lost the election only that he did. Ordinary Americans are simply relived that President Obama won the election. The writer of said letter is obviously a disgruntled conservative who is playing the Romney blame game. Conservatives and paid political pundits are the only ones blaming every one and everything for the reasons why Mr. Romney lost.

I agree, the reason Mr. Romney lost was because he received fewer votes, both electoral and popular than president Obama. He is our president! Calling him Obama and worse yet Mr. Obama is un-American.

I suggest this letter writer practice what he preaches.

Tomorrow morning go outside, face East and revel in our beautiful mountains repeat the following: We lost they won, and get over it. Know what I mean?

Harold Lanier


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