Shepard lane option creates inefficient, problematic

Tuesday , March 18, 2014 - 4:49 PM

Alison Wood


If the Shepard Lane option of the West Davis Corridor (Legacy Parkway extension) is built, residents coming to and from Ogden or Salt Lake never again will be able to just drive there and back on I-15. The Shepard Lane interchange will always sit in their way.

The Shepard Lane option will be a giant road, a spaghetti bowl smack in the middle of where Farmington and Kaysville meet. This option routes traffic from the West Davis Corridor on and off I-15, then it runs parallel next to I-15.

UDOT’s project manager said, "[the interchange] will be complicated and take drivers time to learn."

The Shepard Lane option ruins West Davis Corridor’s ability to be an alternate route through Davis County. It won’t help when there are emergencies such as spills or wrecks. It reduces the West Davis Corridor to an awkward I-15 expansion. Further, it duplicates a relatively new existing interchange just miles away that links I-15, Highway 89, and Legacy. Further, it doesn’t ease east-west traffic congestion, UDOT’s chief purpose in building the new freeway. There are other options: Glover Lane option (a route west of Farmington), the already approved Highway 89 expansion, commuter rail improvements, and telecommuting.

Alison Wood


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