Syracuse boys' abduction prank needs punishment

Monday , December 10, 2012 - 2:06 PM

Julie Parker


I writing concerning the article of Dec. 9, "Charges sought in abduction prank," concerning 16-year old high school students attempting to "bait" 10-year old elementary school girls into their vehicle. What exact tendencies does a person need to exhibit before a warning flag not only goes up, but is actually acted upon? In many of the autobiographies on serial criminals, the prosecutors state they wished that they would have seen the warning signs. Well, here is that golden opportunity!

The actions of these three boys in Syracuse clearly shows thoughts towards a criminal act. If this behavior is not caught, it may embolden these individuals further. If no charges are to be issued, at least a psychological evaluation/community service agreement should be upheld (no community service like picking up garbage near an elementary school, either.)

Unless this investigation is being conducted by "Officer Barbrady" from the South Park animated series, this should not be swept under the carpet to come back another day. This was an open act of delinquent (if not deviant) behavior.

Remember, what kept this case from being an FBI abduction investigation versus a "simple prank" was the acts of the girls’ running away instead of getting into the boys’ truck. It was that close!

Julie Parker