UBI should investigate liquor agency corruption

Tuesday , March 18, 2014 - 4:49 PM

John S. Hill


It comes to no one’s surprise that the article of Dec. 10, is titled "No charges against ex-liquor agency executives." Of course no charges were brought against these "gentlemen," as the investigation was done by the attorney general’s office and not be the Utah Bureau Of Investigation (UBI).

The AG functions at the behest of and for the State Legislature, where the suspected criminals have many friends. The UBI, at least, is non-political and would investigate independently. Earl Dorius was caught accepting gifts from a person who owns seven licences (very few came get one).

How is this not corruption? How is this not illegal? These people should be in front of a jury facing criminal charges for corruption. Why are they people still drawing retirement from the taxpayers’ dollars? How are these people not in jail? This is another example how in Utah, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

John S. Hill


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