Farr West replaces mayor, starts job carousel

Dec 12 2012 - 10:08pm


FARR WEST -- Following the passing of Mayor Jimmie Papageorge, lifelong resident Lee Dickemore, who had been a councilman, stepped into the vacancy.

That left another vacancy on the city council. That vacancy was recently filled by Boyd Ferrin, who was voted in and sworn in during a recent meeting.

The council chose among seven applicants for the vacant council seat. Applicants included Ferrin, Milt Austin, David Jay, Matt Gwynn, Bill Malone, Daryn Westergard and Ken Phippen. Phippen had also applied to fill the mayoral position, as did Councilman Tim Shupe.

Ferrin said he has raised four children in the community. He said he wants Farr West to be the kind of place his children would like to return to some day, living happily for generations to come.

Ferrin said the careful planning of development on 2700 North is a key factor in the future of the city.

"I will bring good, sound ideas to the council," Ferrin said. "New ideas."

Ferrin said he has been in leadership positions since he was in junior high school and wants to continue contributing to the community.

"I want to give back what this community has given to us," Ferrin said.

Upon being sworn in, Ferrin joined other council members in his council seat and proceeded to vote on action items on the agenda.

Regarding the candidates that applied for the council seat, Councilwoman Ava Painter said, "This was a really impressive group of people. I know many of them well -- they have a strong commitment to the community and are willing to continue with us, even though we give them grief sometimes."

Painter thanked all those who applied to fill the council seat.

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