Issues concerning Mitt discussed

Tuesday , March 18, 2014 - 4:47 PM

Kenneth Lee Strong


The dominant characteristic of the "Mitt" era, can be summed up as "shielded." From what and how? The answer lies in who he is, and his ideology. Mitt can be defined by where he was and when. He went to preparatory schooling. In high school he abused some of his fellow students! Mitt said that he "could not remember such things" (shielded?).

Mitt "hasn’t really lived in the American culture, and doesn’t identify with it." Mitt has houses in many places, some with car elevators in the garage.

Mitt, a failed governor! Head of the Olympics? He didn’t give credit to others, who were very instrumental in the success of the event. Power brokers were used by Mitt to get financial support, he also made use of special federal funding. Not a bad set of qualities for a "vulture capitalist!"

Mitt’s "prominence was given generous assistance by the "conservative/regressive power brokers," and the old white male "community." Given the ideology that he grew up with "this was to be expected." He was able to draw support from people, who thought he was the worst possible candidate to become president, others like John Huntsman were considered not conservative enough, or carried to much "baggage" (betting $10,000 in his debate with Perry, showed Mitt met the American Ideology?). Mitt switched positions enough times to impress the "Tea Baggers."

"Our economy was in disarray," and the minority party leader in the Senate; Mitch McConnell said, "I will make sure Obama will be a one term president!"

President Obama placed specific attention to reviving a Republican economic proposal (from a past Congress). The Republican Senators voted against their old proposal because it was initiated anew by the Democratic Congress!

"Mitt the Twit," was beaten by the "Worst President Ever," (according to Fox News).

Did you see the demographic difference in the two conventions?

Mitt was bragging about the "Obamacare," he used in Massachusetts, at the end times of the 2012 election!

Kenneth Lee Strong


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