Davis Sheriff's Office gives details as why no charges in abduction 'prank'

Dec 13 2012 - 3:20pm


Lakeside Elementary School
Lakeside Elementary School


WEST POINT -- Davis County sheriff's investigators announced Thursday that they completed and closed an investigation regarding an attempted abduction, which allegedly occurred on Dec. 7 at Lakeside Elementary in West Point.

According to a release from Davis County Sheriff Sgt. Suan Poulsen, around 12:45 p.m., several school children were playing in the field during recess. Initially, information given to the police was that a pickup truck with three boys had driven by, slowed down and turned around, then pulled next to the fence and offered two 10-year-old girls candy to get into the truck.

The frightened girls ran into the school and notified school officials, who then contacted the sheriff's office, according to the release. Sheriff's deputies were in the area and were able to locate the truck and initiate contact with the boys in the pickup. During the investigation, it was determined that it was a prank and they never intended to harm or even make contact with the girls, according to the release.

During a follow-up investigation with the girls, they offered clarification to deputies about their initial story. The young witnesses stated that the pickup truck only drove by the school once, where the juveniles were playing. According to the witnesses, one of the boys yelled out asking them if they wanted some candy. The truck then drove on, according to the release. There was no slowing, no attempt to make contact and the children were behind the six-foot school fence during the incident.

Based on those details, along with interviews, it was determined that the boys did not intend to harm the children, the statement revealed. The juvenile males acknowledged it was not smart to do what they did, and apologized to the school officials and to the parents of the girls.

The release also states: "Our greatest concern was the safety of the children during this case, and the children did exactly what they should have done, in running to safety and telling the school officials. But follow-up investigation determined that there was no intent to harm the children.

"Based on all information, the Davis County Sheriff's Office will not request the Davis County Attorney's screen this incident for charges, as this case is considered closed."

On Monday, Karie Solomon, who lives in West Point, reportedly asked the Davis County Attorney's Office to file criminal charges against three Syracuse High School students.



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