Ogden fighters suffer losses in MMA co-main events

Dec 13 2012 - 9:27pm

SALT LAKE CITY -- Saturday night at the SteelFist MMA card, Ogden 170-pound MMA professionals Shawn Conroy and Justin Roberts saw winning streaks come to an end. At the Rail Event Center, Conroy, 4-1, was stopped via rear naked choke at 3.35 of the first round by fellow Utahn Carl Dieckmann, 6-1. Roberts, 3-2, lost via tap out at 1.34 of round 2 to Wyoming's Kani Correa, 3-0. Conroy was overpowered by Dieckmann, who pounded the Ogden's fighter's body against the cage. After Conroy dropped to the canvas, Dieckmann applied a choke, ending the bout. Roberts dominated the first round against Correa but in round 2, Correa got on top of Roberts and slammed hard shots to his ribs, forcing the Ogden fighter to tap out.


In what was the most exciting fight of the evening, Boise's Colton Vaughn, 4-1, 188 pounds, defeated Utahn Jared Hatch, 185 pounds, 6-2-1, in the second round when the referee stopped the fight due to strikes. In a topsy-turvy round 1, the stronger Hatch took early control but then was dominated, and nearly submitted, by the better-conditioned Vaughn. However, at the bell ending the first round, Hatch landed a right hand that sent Vaughn face first to the canvas. Had the punch occurred a few seconds earlier, the fight would have been stopped. Vaughn, given a minute's rest between rounds, was able to recuperate, take control, and win. A rematch is almost a certainty.


Jules Winter, a superbly fit 133-pound women from Hidden Valley MMA of Sandy, looked very impressive, battering Boise's Billy Edney for 45 seconds before the fight was stopped. Another Hidden Valley woman fighter, amateur Aubree Thompson, used strong right hands to stop a game Jesse Engler in round 2. In a third women's bout, debuting Krystal Larson stopped Buffy Ogden, of Hidden Valley, late in the first round.


It was an overall good night for Hidden Valley. In men's professional bouts, that gym's fighters Johnny McGee and Ken Lowe scored first round wins over Travis Loveland and Tim Lund, respectively. In other amateur bouts, Beau Horrocks defeated Aaron Ellis in the first round, Shawn Black defeated Ogden's Brad Davidson in round 1, and Chase Delatorre stopped Tyler Roche in the first round. In another professional bout, Wyoming's Danny August, 154 pounds, 3-1, scored a brutal first round knockout, via knee kick, over Raymond Davis, 7-10.

A large crowd witnessed the 12-bout card at the Rail Event Center in Salt Lake City. SteelFist plans another MMA card, at the same venue, on Jan. 25.



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