Shepherd: I didn't know swimmer was injured

Friday , December 14, 2012 - 12:09 AM

Tim Gurrister

OGDEN -- A video interview between Skyler Shepherd and a Weber County sheriff’s detective was shown in court this morning.

Shepherd, accompanied by his attorney, is seen in the interview sticking to his story that he didn’t know Esther Fujimoto’s legs were nearly severed when he left her in the water in Pineview Reservoir.

Shepherd and two others were in the boat that struck Fujimoto, who died from her injuries.

“It was dark, dark enough that it’s a pain in the ass to put your boat in a trailer,” Shepherd said in the interview with Detective Don Kelly.

Later in the interview, Kelly showed Shepherd photos of Fujimoto’s injuries, which called into question Shepherd’s claim to Kelly that Fujimoto was dog paddling when the boat left her.

Shepherd appeared to backtrack, saying, “I only saw her from here to here,” indicating the waist to the head. “She was angry with me, OK? She never said ‘help me’ to me, never once . . . I didn’t see any injuries whatsoever.”

The case is expected to go to the jury later today.