County contracts for emission testing

Dec 15 2012 - 10:11pm

FARMINGTON -- The Davis County Vehicle Emission Inspection and Maintenance Station is getting a new name and a new private-sector provider to perform emission tests on older diesel-fueled vehicles.

At the request of County Health Director Lewis R. Garrett, the County Commission has approved a $96,000, one-year contract with Worldwide Environmental Products, Inc. of California to perform emission testing on older diesel-fueled trucks at the Kaysville station, located at 20 N. 600 West.

The contract is to fill a void created by the county eliminating its own I/M program, effective Dec. 31.

Despite vocal opposition from a handful of employees, the county is eliminating its I/M program, and the 15 positions associated with it, to save costs and be in accordance with 2012 legislation.

The county can contract for the vehicle emission testing work for lower cost than what county staff can perform the work for, Garrett said.

The commission also approved changing the name of the Kaysville I/M station, to The Davis County Testing Station, to reflect the scope of work now being done there.

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