End of the world ... or not?

Dec 17 2012 - 10:09am


The end of the world has always held a sort of fascination for us as humans.

Death, chaos and despair are only a few of the ideas that come to mind when contemplating the end of the world. Zombie apocalypse, the planets aligning, and natural disasters such as earthquakes, tornadoes or tsunamis are others.

With the impending date of Dec. 21, we wonder if this will really be the year that the world comes to an end, but looking back, we see that the end of the world was supposed to come about 17 times already.

Is the world really going to end, though? According to the Mayans, some say, yes. Others feel it may just be a myth, or that the Mayans simply ran out of rock.

Why the 21st of December of this particular year? What calculations did the Mayans, who were incredibly advanced in math and science, have to come up this exact date? How valid are their calculations? Many doubt that the Mayans could have predicted the end, as it was several thousands of years away.

In order to get a better perspective of the upcoming tragedy, we asked Top of Utah teens to share their views on the end of the world.

"I think that the world will not end on the 21st," said Brennan Hunter, a sophomore at Syracuse High School. "That, however, doesn't mean I think that the world will never end. I think that the end of human civilization is possible, but will probably happen in the distant future. Just because the Mayans ended their calendar on that day doesn't mean that they are correct. They probably just got bored. So in short, I think you will be safe and sound for the holidays."

Of course, there's also the slight possibility that the Mayans were right, but how the world is to end is unknown. Some suggest a zombie apocalypse, in which we protect ourselves with heavy artillery, and stocking up on supplies such as food, water and clothing.

There's always that bucket list we want to complete before the end. What are some things you want to accomplish before the 21st, assuming the world will end?

"I would spend all my money because it would be worthless after the fact," said Jordan Berger, a senior at Clearfield High School.

Some wonder if the few days before the 21st will become a sort of Black Friday shopping spree. Courtney Brough, a sophomore at Syracuse High School, said, "I would do something crazy! Like go skydiving or go on a major shopping spree. Actually, I would really just spend time with my family and friends."

Of course, we can't panic, as we aren't entirely sure when the world will end. Just a few months ago, Ronald Weinland, a leader of the Church of God-Preparing for the Kingdom of God, predicted that the end of the world would be on May 26, 2012. A day later, when he realized his mistake, he claimed that he had made an error in his calculations and the world would end the next year.

This is but one example of the many prophecies that the world would end. Although this prediction has been around longer than some, we cannot assume that simply because one group of people predicts something, that it will come true.

No one knows exactly when the end of the world will be. Regardless of whatever new inventions, calculations or references people may find, there is no way of being certain of the end of our world.

The best advice when contemplating our final days is to live so that when we look back, we have no regrets. We never know how long we have, and whether we die together as a result of a catastrophe, or die by other means, we cannot prevent death.

There is no use worrying about things that are ultimately out of our control -- so the best course of action is to enjoy every moment we have.

TX correspondents Kalli Damschen and Brynn Whaley contributed to this story.


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