Hunter shoots cougar roaming central Utah town

Tuesday , March 18, 2014 - 4:52 PM


EPHRAIM — Witnesses say a cougar that roamed the streets in a central Utah town drew a hunting dog and a crowd before it was put down.

Charlie Stevens say he was shoveling snow at his home in Ephraim Tuesday when he realized a cougar was hiding in a window well.

Ephraim resident Dick Olson says he called his son, whose dogs chased the mountain lion 30 feet up a tree.

Video shows a large crowd gathered around the tree during the standoff.

KSL reports officials from the Department of Wildlife Resources called a local hunter with a cougar tag to shoot the animal. Wildlife officials told the station they had been hearing reports of a cougar in town for months, and a tranquilizer gun was more than an hour away.

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