Kurt Oda: Ever the jokester

Dec 20 2012 - 4:17pm


I went to high school with State Senator Kurt Oda. I have not seen nor talked to him in over 35 years. After college I went into the Army for 25 years. During that time he stayed in Utah and sold insurance. I remember Kurt to have been a nice enough guy--the guy who made everyone laugh. A class clown. That is why I had to smile when I read that he was advocating more guns in our schools by having the teachers arm themselves. Kurt, ever the jokester.

Can you imagine how many more children would have been killed and seriously wounded had all the teachers opened fire on the gunmen? That scene reminded me of the recent incident in New York City, in which trained and experienced policemen shot and wounded 11 innocent bystanders in their efforts to shoot and stop a lone gunman.

Talk about absolute chaos. If all the teachers at the grade school had guns, how would the police been able to identify the actual shooter when as many as 20 different people could have been firing guns? How would the children be protected from stray rounds? Untrained shooters are lousy marksman and can hit a stationary gun range target at 20 feet only one in five times.

Now, add unpredictable movement, confusion, fear, and sheer panic. These amateur shooters would be hitting everything but the intended target, unless of course, the teachers' weapons of choice were assault weapons, with hundred-round magazines, and armor piercing bullets. No one could miss using these people-killing weapons as we sadly and tragically found out in Newtown. And how would a teacher be able to live with herself knowing she had accidentally shot and killed a student?

Anyway, thank you again, Kurt Oda, for making me smile as I read your 'tongue in cheek' suggestion. After all, you were not serious. It was a joke, right? Kurt, ever the jokester.

Howard A. Olsen



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