letter regarding Mitt no longer relevant

Tuesday , March 18, 2014 - 5:01 PM

Brent Call


I enjoy reading the editorials and hearing the opinions of readers on current issues. After reading the letter of Dec. 23, "Issues concerning Mitt discussed," I was confused about why this piece was even published. Had we still been in a presidential campaign, I could almost understand this opinion piece, but even then, under the guidelines of the paper, letters should discuss relevant current issues and avoid personal attack.

The letter was not relevant to current issues, and was clearly a personal attack on Mr. Romney. It was simply a regurgitation of liberal vilification of a now former candidate for political office. Filled with name calling, disrespectful language and mostly unsubstantiated rumor. A similar letter could easily be written regarding president Obama, his upbringing, education, his association with corrupt Chicago politics, the influence of crazed religious leaders and terrorists, with a few derogatory names thrown in for good measure to insure the reader knows just how "evil" this man is. Such a letter would have been just as inappropriate. How ridiculous!!

Now to the real point, the letter, and the participation of the Standard-Examiner in publishing the letter are an example of one of the clear problems with our political process today. Instead of discussing the relevant political subjects, ideas for solutions, and impacts of legislation, we are bombarded with personal attacks on candidates and fear mongering of political ideas. Our political system is paralyzed by this current state; both sides blaming the other for the lack of progress and real solutions to current problems. The media feeds the situation by publishing every statement and opinion, however ridiculous it may be.

The letter has one purpose only, to inflame hostility towards those of differing political opinion, and in this case, the Standard is his accomplice. Part of the problem, most certainly not part of the solution.

Brent Call

Pleasant View

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