Our View: Christmas cheer and thanks

Tuesday , March 18, 2014 - 5:01 PM

Editorial Board

On the most festive day of the year, most families headed toward the Christmas tree before going to the porch or switching on the computer to read the morning paper. And that’s appropriate.There’s nothing that beats the sight of happy, eager children excited to find out what’s under that tree or what Santa Claus brought them.

For couples, Christmas is a reminder of the love they share through tough times as good times. Every person on this earth has the potential to be positively affected by Christmas and its message, religious or secular. Whether through the company of loved ones or memories of good times, Christmas is a time to have cheer and give thanks for our blessings.

The holidays can be a tough time for many, particularly those who may be enjoying hard times, or grieving losses, or missing family members far away. It’s our responsibility to spread Christmas cheer to those who may not be happy this year. A phone call, a visit, volunteering at a shelter, can create more Christmas cheer.

We appreciate greatly the Christmas cheer that is on display in the Top of Utah. The many pink ribbons on display in Ogden in the memory of little Emilie Parker, as well as the charitable donations to the victims’ of Newtown families, touched our hearts.

Many families have fathers, sons, husbands serving in the military. They spend Christmas far away from the ones they love. We appreciate organizations such as Operation Adopt a Ghost, which worked with Myers Mortuary to send “goodie bags” to the troops in the Middle East. This is done more than once a year. Myers, Autoliv, the Internal Revenue Service, Layton Christian Academy, and other business and individuals have donated their time to help.

What we’ve mentioned is only a small part of the Christmas cheer in the Top of Utah that provides happiness to many. We thank them all on this day that honors the birth of Jesus Christ.

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