Parker family will be forever in reader's heart

Dec 24 2012 - 2:42pm

An open letter to the Parker Family - on December 14th, 2012 America watched in horror as the events of Newtown unfolded before our eyes. We tried to comprehend the pictures and the reports - we stared in disbelief  
that another shooting had occurred - we wiped away tears and immediately called our children and loved ones to remind them how much we care.

Slowly the picture immerged - slowly we learned the unimaginable - that 20 small lives had been taken along with 8 others - again we cried and asked why. Then in the midst of this dismay - a young man approached a podium and began to speak. We learned his name - Robert Parker - we learned that his precious daughter Emilie was one of those taken away - and we saw, maybe for the first time, how very real this dreadful event was.

Yet this young father also reached out to the person that had caused his inconceivable grief - what an incredible selfless act - what a remarkable man and what an extraordinary person Emilie must have been.

The Parker family will forever be seared in my mind, heart and soul! I wish them peace and I have a feeling, that in time, they will find it!


Annie Cooper
Columbia County, NY

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