We need responsible gun ownership

Dec 24 2012 - 2:40pm

Just a day after Mr. Wayne LaPierre assured us that assault rifles were no problem as long as good guys with guns were there to protect us, my morning paper tells me that a man whose house has been visited by our good guys with guns on six occasions not only chased and wounded his wife with a pistol but was not so drunk that when he ran out of bullets, he didn't go home and get his ASSAULT RIFLE in an attempt to finish the job. He did miss her on quite a few shots but he did hit a neighbor's house.

Now is this man the kind of guy we want to own guns? He didn't succeed in killing his wife, so I guess he isn't a murderer yet, and maybe when he's sober he's just the nicest guy we'll ever know. Of course he's also lucky as are his neighbors, since although he hit their house, he didn't kill anyone in it. Just what number do we give him on the scale of responsible gun ownership?  Just asking.
Prudence L. Kuhn


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