Some parents work, can't volunteer at schools

Dec 26 2012 - 3:13pm


I am writing in response to the writer of the Dec. 26 letter, "More Parents should volunteer at schools." I agree that more parents and grandparents should volunteer at school. However, many parents, such as my husband, my parents and I work. We are unable to volunteer even though we would like to. Please keep in mind that some parents who are stay-at-home parents also cannot volunteer because they have younger children at home and are not allowed to bring those younger children with them if they volunteer.

I know that teachers need lots of volunteers to help and I see through my children how much they help out. The few times I have volunteered at my children's school I am given rude and dirty looks because I work outside the home and I am not there everyday in the school helping.

Please remember if you have the time and you are able to help, please volunteer. Let's not look down on those parents who can't be there all the time.

Michelle Clanton


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