Man arrested three times in 2 days after calling cops twice, busting down his motel room door

Dec 30 2012 - 12:04am


Brandon Lee Smith
Christopher Kenneth Sorensen
Brandon Lee Smith
Christopher Kenneth Sorensen

RIVERDALE -- It was not a good pre-Christmas weekend for Christopher Kenneth Sorensen and Brandon Lee Smith.

They landed in jail in time for the holidays, with Sorensen arrested three times in a two-day period.

There's even a puppy involved.

Events began when Sorensen called police to say he had been robbed in his Motel 6 room early the morning of Dec. 21, as police and court documents tell it.

Sorensen said an acquaintance, Smith, was the robber. Police couldn't help but notice the items Sorensen said Smith took from him were similar to those reported stolen in recent weeks from storage units at the Motor Vu Drive-In.

Sorensen said Smith also took his dog, a pug breed.

"It wasn't hard. After threatening Christopher, all Brandon had to do was whistle, and the dog came with him," said Riverdale Police Lt. James Ebert.

Sorensen told police Smith had given him some of the items earlier in the week and he believed some might be stolen.

A search warrant was served that same morning on Smith's Ogden home, where police say they recovered a number of items -- including decorative knives, jewelry and video games -- that were taken from the Motor Vu.

And Smith had a new detail.

Sorensen was with him when he cut the locks on three separate occasions since Dec. 1 to burglarize the storage units used for the weekend swap meets at the Motor Vu, Smith told authorities.

Sorensen would only admit to planning the burglaries, which police said was confirmed by text messages between the two that they recovered.

Sorensen and Smith were both booked into Weber County Jail that same day. Sorensen posted bail, but Smith was held without bail because of a pending felony drug bust from October.

That was arrest No. 1 for Sorensen.

Sorensen made bail then went back to his motel, but management wouldn't give him a new room passcard because he had no identification. Police had seized his wallet as evidence, and that held his ID as well as the passcard.

Sorensen then kicked in the door to his motel room.

That led to arrest No. 2. Booked on misdemeanor offenses of criminal mischief and trespass, he again made bail.

But there was more to come.

"He's in the middle of having a bad day," Ebert commented.

Sorensen went back to the Motel 6 and called for a police officer to stand by -- what's known as a "keep the peace" call -- while he retrieved a few things from the room.

"As I was keeping the peace, I observed spoons with residue, two hypodermic needles and a brown substance in a plastic baggy," reads the officer's probable cause statement. "The substance tested positive for opiates."

That was arrest No. 3.

Sorensen was jailed again, this time held without bail.

"We figured, after three strikes, we thought he could just stay there," Ebert said.

"It was a confusing case as it unfolded," said the lieutenant. "We were on it from 1 a.m., when Christopher reported he'd been robbed, until 8 p.m. the next day."

Police then focused on the pug pup.

Charges against Smith for robbing Sorensen of property that was not legally Sorensen's might not stick.

"It was not clear we could prove robbery against Brandon," Ebert said, "especially since Christopher was holding some of the items for Brandon, allegedly items they stole together. But the dog was an easy call."

Turns out, it's the second pug Smith has been accused of stealing. He was charged in Riverdale Justice Court for theft of the same breed last summer, Ebert said.

He's not sure of the status of the case of the prior pug, possibly still pending, but that of the newly pilfered pug, Ebert said, is among the list of charges against Smith.

"The dog's being well taken care of where he's at," he said. "Everybody loves the dog. Brandon and Christopher, not so much."

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